Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weekend getaway

This weekend my BFF and I escaped (I mean went) to Margaret River (Margs to the locals) for the weekend. Since BFF was on school holidays (as her day job is a teacher) I finished work on Thursday afternoon, picked her up and we were on the road heading down to Margs by 5pm and arrived at 8pm. Not bad, not bad at all.

I'm pretty prolific in my pic taking when I'm out and about. But to be honest, I spent more time enjoying the time away than taking pics. So here are a few of the pics that I do have of my fantastic time away.

Outside Vasse Virgin, I still haven't grown vary of seeing grapevines. It may take a few more trips to Margs for me to think shots like this are cliched. But until then, its fabulous!

The food! The food!! We ate, drank and rested well this past weekend. Here is a pic of our yummy lunch at Olio Bello. Seriously, if your ever down there..get down to Olio Bello and partake in their lunch won't be sorry.

Lastly, this pic is from an impromptu stop on our way to
Boranup Gallery. I had an moment while standing in the midst of this forest. The trees were sooooooooooo high and I felt minute (yet) felt my place in this world and universe.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Here's a hint about moments.

You can't force them or create them.

They just are.

This happened to me earlier this evening:

Me: I just wanted to say...Where are you going!

Sisterbot: What? I have to go, what's wrong?

Me: I was trying to have a moment..But that's hard to when you keep walking away!

Sisterbot: Ok....

Me: Maybe we should reschedule this moment.

Sisterbot: No! No! Its ok, go on!

Me: Ok, so I just wanted to say...

Sisterbot: *Giggle*

Me: Sigh..

Sisterbot: Sorry, I've stopped now. Go on.

Me: Way to ruin a moment.

The End.