Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Xmas!

I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with fun, laughter, a tonne of food and most importantly love.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Prettiness comes in all shapes and sizes

Recently I was asked by a fellow Perth Upmarket retailer and friend Tamara Harrison if I could create a one off piece as a wedding gift for a dear friend.

With design in place the makings began, I'm not going to lie pretties, it was has been an anxiety ridden couple of months.

Why you ask? Let me count the ways.

1. Southern Ice - my material of choice is a super elastic porcelain clay body that is surceptive to warping and cracking on the slightest whim.

2. I'm used to working in a hand-building style.

3. It was winter - anyone worth their ceramic salt will know it's a nightmare waiting for pieces to dry in winter.

In saying all that I am an optimist and a bit of an under stater. So when my good friend Danica mentioned (repeatedly) that the piece wouldn't dry for a good month I scoffed with the arrogance of a fanboy first in line at an Apple release. That's right, I was a F.O.O.L.

Why was I a fool? I had advised the ever patient Tamara that a turn around time of 5-6 weeks wouldn't be expected.

Fast forward 5 months, that's right 5 months, I've just delivered the gorgeous vessel.

It's something I wish I had made two of because I will never make anything like this ever again...well...maybe.


So before you eyeball the pretty piece here are a couple things I want, nay, need to gush over:

1. No warpage - holy bananas! The probability of this not occurring is mega!

2. Glory be to glazing -perfect, perfect, perfect!!

3. From conception to realisation - it turned out as planned.

4. Did I mention that I only had one piece? In hindsight I wondered what I would do if the piece failed...yea, that's right, naive arrogance.

So to end, here it is.

This pic taken on my iPhone doesn't do it justice.

Pretty out!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Its been a long time coming

I've finally had the time to update my website with this years model shot.


A new 'Work' section. That's right, so new it has that new car smell.

Click on the below pic to connect your way to my website.

Yes, this is a sneek peek of one of the new pics from the 'Work' section.

Pretty out!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

It's shameful that I haven't been on here in a while. I have a lot of excuses but there aren't any new ones to offer.

Rather than being a porcelain related post, I would like to take this time to acknowledge the passing of Steve Jobs.

From a business point of new the man was genius and from a makers viewpoint - a visionary.

In my own way I've tried to live my life to a couple of Steve Jobs-isms.

  • Be the yardstick of quality

  • Quality is more important that quantity.

  • Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower.

  • The difference between success and failure is pure perseverance.

  • Break the rules - don't be a conformist, be the one who thinks they can change the world and do.

    • R.I.P Steve Jobs.

      Monday, August 15, 2011

      This week I'm going to do things a little but different!


      Instead of me blogging/posting about my pretties I'm going to change it up. I'm going to blog/post about music that I LOVE .

      Soooo.....I have't figured out how to post YouTube clips on here (I know, I'm sorry!). I'll instead be posting the bands and clips that I'm loviing on my Facebook page. I'll be posting a different band for each day for this next week.

      What's that you say? You've never been to my Facebook page?

      Well here it is, just for you (click on the icon please):

      Pretty tuned!

      Saturday, August 6, 2011

      Bloggy Mc Blog!


      Are you having a great day, lazy or frantic day?! Which ever day you may be having thank you for checking out my blog!

      A dear friend of mine Mlle. S blogged about my pretties and me yesterday. Check out her blog and stalk it regularly.

      Stay fabulous and warm pretties!


      New Stockist: Story Boutique

      I'm happy to announce that my pretties are now stocked at Story Boutique!!

      Those that are into the WA Handmade movement through Perth Upmarket will have heard of Sometimes. A Pop-Up Shop, which has not evolved int Story Boutique.

      This fabulous shop (that stocks all Australian designed and made products) now stocks my pretty rings, scarf buckles, brooches, hairpins and the two ranges of earrings I design and make.

      So come on down to this fantastic shop and have a look at my and other pretty things.

      What's the address you ask?

      Story Boutique
      Shop 80A
      Floreat Forum Shopping Centre
      Floreat WA

      Click here to be connected to Story Boutiques Facebook fan page!

      Here is a pic of my pretties in situ!

      Pretty out!

      Monday, August 1, 2011

      I HEART Etsy

      I HEART Etsy so much that I've opened up an online shop on Etsy!!

      What to have a look at what's there?

      !!WARNING!! Not all my pretties are listed yet..seriously. Its been raining cats and dogs here so until its calm down and I can take some more shots of my pretties that's it for a couple of days.

      N.B WA buyers I'm more than happy to refund the postage $$ to meet and do a pretty exchange.

      Pretty out!!

      Wednesday, July 27, 2011

      Weekend getaway

      This weekend my BFF and I escaped (I mean went) to Margaret River (Margs to the locals) for the weekend. Since BFF was on school holidays (as her day job is a teacher) I finished work on Thursday afternoon, picked her up and we were on the road heading down to Margs by 5pm and arrived at 8pm. Not bad, not bad at all.

      I'm pretty prolific in my pic taking when I'm out and about. But to be honest, I spent more time enjoying the time away than taking pics. So here are a few of the pics that I do have of my fantastic time away.

      Outside Vasse Virgin, I still haven't grown vary of seeing grapevines. It may take a few more trips to Margs for me to think shots like this are cliched. But until then, its fabulous!

      The food! The food!! We ate, drank and rested well this past weekend. Here is a pic of our yummy lunch at Olio Bello. Seriously, if your ever down there..get down to Olio Bello and partake in their lunch won't be sorry.

      Lastly, this pic is from an impromptu stop on our way to
      Boranup Gallery. I had an moment while standing in the midst of this forest. The trees were sooooooooooo high and I felt minute (yet) felt my place in this world and universe.

      Sunday, July 17, 2011

      Here's a hint about moments.

      You can't force them or create them.

      They just are.

      This happened to me earlier this evening:

      Me: I just wanted to say...Where are you going!

      Sisterbot: What? I have to go, what's wrong?

      Me: I was trying to have a moment..But that's hard to when you keep walking away!

      Sisterbot: Ok....

      Me: Maybe we should reschedule this moment.

      Sisterbot: No! No! Its ok, go on!

      Me: Ok, so I just wanted to say...

      Sisterbot: *Giggle*

      Me: Sigh..

      Sisterbot: Sorry, I've stopped now. Go on.

      Me: Way to ruin a moment.

      The End.

      Wednesday, June 29, 2011

      The posty arrived and MORE!

      Firstly, thank you to everyone that came by my stall on Sunday at the Perth Upmarket. It was lovely to meet you all and chat to you about my winter pretties!

      Secondly, did you know my second stockist - Willow and the Bowerbird has a blog? No? Well make your way there by clicking here: Willow and the Bowerbird blog.

      And yes, I've been blogged about!! Check out the blog and more importantly check out the store!

      Pretty out!!

      Friday, June 17, 2011

      Behind the scenes video

      In the last couple of days my friend Shu Daniels put together a fabulous behind the scenes video.

      Wanna watch it?

      Please click on the below highlighted section to be connected to my Facebook page and view the video, you won't regret it!

      Oh! And if you dig my pretties 'Like' my Facebook page to get my regular fb posts.

      Can't wait to see and hear from you all!!

      Tuesday, June 14, 2011

      New Stockist: Willow and the Bowerbird

      Yay!! I'm happy to announce my pretties are now stocked at Willow and the Bowerbird!!

      Ever heard of Willow and the Bowerbird? Well you have now!

      This fantastic little shop stocks my fabulous rings, scarf buckles, earring studs and the newly released necklace range!!

      If your gagging for a look at the new print and TWO new colours that are part of the Winter Collection before the June Perth Upmarket make your way down to:

      Willow and the Bowerbird
      78 George st
      East Fremantle WA Australia

      Click here to get connected to the Willow and the Bowerbird Facebook page!

      Pics to come!

      Pretty stoked!

      Sunday, June 12, 2011

      Sneak Peak!

      Today was a fabulous day! It entailed me getting together with my friends:

      Shu Daniels (photographer extradenaire)

      Bruce Lim (amazing make up artist)

      Kat James (this years pretty model)

      To shoot this years pretties!

      To tide you over till everything is uploaded and released here's a pic from behind the scenes.

      So pretty!

      Wednesday, May 25, 2011

      How do you do it?

      Its quite a personal thing - how one stores their jewellery.

      Their pretties. Their preciouses. Yes, I'm well aware that's not a real word but it kind of makes sense (Just squint and tilt your head to the right...that will it make it easier).

      Some are squirrels (in that they lock every-single-bit-of-jewellery-away).

      Some are peacocks (your out, your proud and you like to shake it all about).

      Some are monkeys (you keep your pretties here, there and everywhere).


      Some are hybrids (a little bit of this and a little bit of that).

      Which one are you?

      Here's a pic of my booky book case...Tonnes of books mixed with stuff from my travels and pretties on display.

      Yes, I do wear all of my pretty rings. And, yes, I have read all those Alain de Botton books.

      Monday, May 9, 2011

      New print and colour release!

      That's right pretties!

      There is a new print set for release!!

      Set for release at the June Perth Upmarket a new hot print is set for release! I hope you love love LOVE it as much as I do!

      Oh! And.................a new colour!! ORANGE.

      Yum! Yum! Just when you need a Vitamin C fix!

      Check this space over the next couple of weeks..based on my eagerness I'm pretty sure I'll be posting a pic of the new print and colour soon!

      Pretty Awesome!

      Thursday, May 5, 2011

      Wednesday, May 4, 2011

      Got plans on Saturday?

      If that's a NO I hear you mutter make your way down to the Kalamunda Markets!

      Its on the first Saturday of every month and for the next two months my pretties and I will be there! I will also be looking Irene Perry's glass jewellery!

      So if your in the mood for a wander and in desperate need for a Mother's day gift make your way here:

      WHAT: Kalamunda Arts & Craft Market
      WHEN: 7th May 2011
      WHERE: Haynes Road
      Central Mall, Kalamunda
      TIME: 9am til 3pm
      BYO: Your $$ and our mouth!

      See you there!

      New Stockist: William Topp

      Its official! I'm excited to announce my pretties are now stocked at William Topp!!

      This fabulous shop currently stocks some of my pretty pretty rings and fabulous dangley earrings.

      What are the deets of William Topp:

      William Topp
      452 William st
      Perth WA Australia

      If your in the mood/need to shop for some unique and cool gifts wonder down to Northbridge and check William Topp out! Or if your in the mood to play with some of my pretties!

      To finish off here is a pic of my pretties in situ.

      Pretty out!

      Wednesday, April 20, 2011

      Things change daily

      I've been a busy bee. Not as busy as others, but a heck of a lot busier than some.

      What have I been doing to pass the time? Work on my online shop of course!

      Its an arduous process but I'm uploading things as quickly as I can while working full time and living life. So thank you to everyone that has been visiting the online shop and that are awaiting everything to be uploaded.

      On a side note - to all WA peeps - Until things go bananas I'm waiving the P&H fees and happy to meet up with you to do a pretty exchange!

      Any Qs please email me!

      Pretty cool!

      Saturday, April 16, 2011

      Are you on Facebook?

      I AM!

      That's right if your reading this blog and dig me and my pretties find me on facebook and Likey McLike me! (That's code of like me on facebook if your confused my pretty people)

      Go through the facebook search and type in Patricia Fernandes and you'll find me!

      Like Gretel here a breadcrub of a pic to lead you to facebook!

      Pretty cool!

      Saturday, April 9, 2011

      5..4..3..2..1..We're LIVE!!

      A promise is a promise..and I have fulfilled my birthday promise!

      The online shop is up and running!!!

      !Warning! Not every item up for perusing and sale is uploaded yet. Its a labourous task and I'm in the midst of birthday celebrations and the Angove St Festival event so please be patient and check back regularly. Thanks for you patience!

      Click on the below pic to be directly straight through to the online shop. Otherwise the link on my website: is live and running.

      Pretty Excited!

      Tuesday, April 5, 2011

      Angove Street Festival

      It will be a day after my B'day celebration but me and my pretties will be at the Angove Street Festival!


      WHAT: Angove Street Festival

      WHEN: April 10th, 2011

      WHERE: Angove Street, North Perth, Western Australia

      TIME: 10am til 4pm

      BYO: Your $$ and your mouths people! Ha!

      See y'all there!

      Monday, April 4, 2011

      Best early B'day present EVER!

      Its official and finally released! The current issue of the Australian Journal of Ceramics is about to hit the newsstands in WA and within this wonderous mag you will find a pic of my pretties and me (well my hand anyway).
      To finish off this short and oh so sweet post l can excitedly mention that the online shop is set to be released this week!! Yes, yes, I'm well aware I've mentioned this before. But I'm not crying wolf this time!

      I plan to release before my b'day (April the 9th). So hell or high water, the shop will be released!

      Pretty Wicked!

      Sunday, March 27, 2011

      Found myself out in the universe

      I discovered my pretties and I were blogged about today. Here is the entry I stumbled upon: And while I love a good blog mention please contact me before hand. Its a necessary courtesy that should be taken into consideration, in my humble opinion. It may be on the world wide web man, but it still belongs to someone. Pretty out!

      Tuesday, March 22, 2011

      March Upmarket and stuff

      Yay! Hurrah! I had a lot of fun at the March Perth Upmarket yesterday! Thanks to everyone that came back and said Hi! Now onto the good stuff...check out my new display!!! This fabulous prettiness has been designed by the fabulous Juliet Borshoff from Design Merchants. Warning! If you able to open up another Internet page to find Juliet's website - your going to have to sit on your hands and be a bit patient! The website hasn't launched but she can be reached on Now that I've done that.....gawk and be amazed at the prettiness! A BIG shout out goes out to my wonderful father (who doesn't read this blog). HA! He knocked and sawed together all of the display props for my stall! In case you were wondering, I was the designated foreman and painter lady!
      Pics by Juliet Borshoff

      For those that are wanting to purchase one of my pretties please feel free to contact me on otherwise I'll be selling my wares at the Angrove st Festival on April 10th!

      Pretty out!

      Thursday, March 10, 2011

      Up coming market deets!

      I don't think I've officially done this, here we go!!

      WHEN: Sunday March 20th 2011

      WHERE: University of Western Australia (UWA), Winthrop Hall.

      TIME: 10 am - 4 pm

      BYO: Your money and your mouths!! HA!

      Whew! Now that that's done..lets get onto the yummy news!
      I am so EXCITED about the Autumn 2011 Collection!!
      I'm in the midst of glazing some bangin dangly earrings, decadent necklaces AND a new addition to the home ware range! Oh and a new range of rings are being released as well!

      Monday, March 7, 2011

      I love a coupon. Do you?

      Seriously, I love a good coupon. No shame in announcing it people.

      Reveal! Reveal! Reveal your inner coupony hoarder!!

      In saying that, I am proud to announce that I will be having a coupon in the March Upmarket Guide.

      Can't wait to get your hands on a copy of mine and the other retailers coupons? NO WORRIES!

      Firstly, here is a pic of mine. Print it and bring it along the the March Upmarket and get a choosing!

      Now, here is a link to the March Upmarket Coupon Guide.

      If your in a browsy mood, check out the relaunched Perth Upmarket website. It's a bit fancy...and I like it!

      Stay tuned for some exciting news!

      Simply Pretty!

      Tuesday, March 1, 2011

      New York times

      New York changed me in a good way.

      I can't explain it, but it did.

      Here are some personal pics from my time away.

      May you be inspired and have an Ah-Ha! moment like I did numerous times while away in NYC, San Fran and Dubai.

      Friday, February 25, 2011

      I'm baaaaaaack!

      I'm back and want to go back!

      I had the best 3 and a half weeks of my life!

      FYI - I didn't end up going to Egypt, instead I hung around the US and hung out in San Francisco for a couple of days.

      In saying that, I spent 2 and a half weeks in NYC and could honestly say I could have stayed there longer and still find things to do!

      Until I finish loading and editing the pics of all of my adventures here's one!
      Pretty out!
      P.S I'm totally part of the March Upmarket debuting my NEW Autumn Jewellery and Home ware collection!

      Friday, January 7, 2011

      Its a new dawn..

      Its a new day..

      Its a new life..

      And I'm feelin goooooooooooooood...

      I partied like it was 1999 on NYE and had a great time ushering in 2011!

      Now onto to what's in store for the next couple of months.

      The online shop is going to be released very soon.

      Side note: If I'm able to release it before Jan 24th any sales that come through I'll process them ASAP as...

      I'm going on a FABULOUS holiday.

      I'm not gonna lie...I'm jealous of myself!

      I know, I know...this is not ceramics related..or is it?

      All I know is that I'll be away for nearly a month and will be hitting NYC, Egypt and Dubai.


      Why not!? Ha!

      I will be taking the time to recharge my batteries and have some non-ceramic related adventures (I'll try...but if a ceramics adventure comes up I'm not going to say NO!)

      And when I'm back I'm going to start the producing some new pretties!

      So until my next post...Pretty out!