Sunday, May 27, 2012

Its been a long time, we shouldn't a left you...

Without a dope beat to step to..

Time has passed and I certainly haven't stopped moving. To those in the Facebook world, you all know I mainly post and update from there. Am I a defector? Am I being a blog hater?

Far from it. I've been busy and frankly enjoy fb'ing a lot more than blogging as I'm iPhone connected. In saying that, I'm still a hypocrite as I love reading blogs.

To cut the long story short my guilt has bought me back here as well as the task of blurting some news!

Let's do this by a list shall we:

1. I finally got a Pimpin Purple!!
For the last four years I've been chasing a Pimpin Purple. What is a Pimpin Purple?

Here's an example of one I found while Googling!

After four years and 39. Yes, 39 attempts I've finally been able to create a Pimpin Purple.

It's been a ridiculous and mildly obsessive. Purple (I've been told) is one of the hardest colour to master as the two main stain ingredient Red and Blue fire at different temperatures. What does that mean? May the court please see the above pic!

How long does one colour take to make you might be wondering. It all depends, it can take 10-30 mins. Depending on the ingredients needed as well as the sieving and multiple straining to evenly distribute the stain amongst the glaze. I'm sure your wondering why I would continue to keep on testing these colours and not settle with some of the purples I had been kind of able to create.

Simple. I don't settle. Maybe this is the mule in me but I've never settled for anything in my life and frankly, I wasn't going to let the hunt for an allusive shade of purple beat me (see what I mean about mildly obsessive).

Along the way I've been happy to find other colours that I will be working with at a later day. I can see a Cranberry that looks quite delicious and a gorgeous Lilac.

So, without further ado, I present to you my Pimpin Purple!

In the next coming weeks I'll be blogging a bit more on what to I'll be releasing as part of my Winter Pretties 2012 range. Get excited it will be F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.

Oh and I'll be part of the June Perth Upmarket! Hope to see y'all there!