Sunday, May 27, 2012

Its been a long time, we shouldn't a left you...

Without a dope beat to step to..

Time has passed and I certainly haven't stopped moving. To those in the Facebook world, you all know I mainly post and update from there. Am I a defector? Am I being a blog hater?

Far from it. I've been busy and frankly enjoy fb'ing a lot more than blogging as I'm iPhone connected. In saying that, I'm still a hypocrite as I love reading blogs.

To cut the long story short my guilt has bought me back here as well as the task of blurting some news!

Let's do this by a list shall we:

1. I finally got a Pimpin Purple!!
For the last four years I've been chasing a Pimpin Purple. What is a Pimpin Purple?

Here's an example of one I found while Googling!

After four years and 39. Yes, 39 attempts I've finally been able to create a Pimpin Purple.

It's been a ridiculous and mildly obsessive. Purple (I've been told) is one of the hardest colour to master as the two main stain ingredient Red and Blue fire at different temperatures. What does that mean? May the court please see the above pic!

How long does one colour take to make you might be wondering. It all depends, it can take 10-30 mins. Depending on the ingredients needed as well as the sieving and multiple straining to evenly distribute the stain amongst the glaze. I'm sure your wondering why I would continue to keep on testing these colours and not settle with some of the purples I had been kind of able to create.

Simple. I don't settle. Maybe this is the mule in me but I've never settled for anything in my life and frankly, I wasn't going to let the hunt for an allusive shade of purple beat me (see what I mean about mildly obsessive).

Along the way I've been happy to find other colours that I will be working with at a later day. I can see a Cranberry that looks quite delicious and a gorgeous Lilac.

So, without further ado, I present to you my Pimpin Purple!

In the next coming weeks I'll be blogging a bit more on what to I'll be releasing as part of my Winter Pretties 2012 range. Get excited it will be F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.

Oh and I'll be part of the June Perth Upmarket! Hope to see y'all there!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Xmas!

I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with fun, laughter, a tonne of food and most importantly love.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Prettiness comes in all shapes and sizes

Recently I was asked by a fellow Perth Upmarket retailer and friend Tamara Harrison if I could create a one off piece as a wedding gift for a dear friend.

With design in place the makings began, I'm not going to lie pretties, it was has been an anxiety ridden couple of months.

Why you ask? Let me count the ways.

1. Southern Ice - my material of choice is a super elastic porcelain clay body that is surceptive to warping and cracking on the slightest whim.

2. I'm used to working in a hand-building style.

3. It was winter - anyone worth their ceramic salt will know it's a nightmare waiting for pieces to dry in winter.

In saying all that I am an optimist and a bit of an under stater. So when my good friend Danica mentioned (repeatedly) that the piece wouldn't dry for a good month I scoffed with the arrogance of a fanboy first in line at an Apple release. That's right, I was a F.O.O.L.

Why was I a fool? I had advised the ever patient Tamara that a turn around time of 5-6 weeks wouldn't be expected.

Fast forward 5 months, that's right 5 months, I've just delivered the gorgeous vessel.

It's something I wish I had made two of because I will never make anything like this ever again...well...maybe.


So before you eyeball the pretty piece here are a couple things I want, nay, need to gush over:

1. No warpage - holy bananas! The probability of this not occurring is mega!

2. Glory be to glazing -perfect, perfect, perfect!!

3. From conception to realisation - it turned out as planned.

4. Did I mention that I only had one piece? In hindsight I wondered what I would do if the piece failed...yea, that's right, naive arrogance.

So to end, here it is.

This pic taken on my iPhone doesn't do it justice.

Pretty out!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Its been a long time coming

I've finally had the time to update my website with this years model shot.


A new 'Work' section. That's right, so new it has that new car smell.

Click on the below pic to connect your way to my website.

Yes, this is a sneek peek of one of the new pics from the 'Work' section.

Pretty out!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

It's shameful that I haven't been on here in a while. I have a lot of excuses but there aren't any new ones to offer.

Rather than being a porcelain related post, I would like to take this time to acknowledge the passing of Steve Jobs.

From a business point of new the man was genius and from a makers viewpoint - a visionary.

In my own way I've tried to live my life to a couple of Steve Jobs-isms.

  • Be the yardstick of quality

  • Quality is more important that quantity.

  • Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower.

  • The difference between success and failure is pure perseverance.

  • Break the rules - don't be a conformist, be the one who thinks they can change the world and do.

    • R.I.P Steve Jobs.

      Monday, August 15, 2011

      This week I'm going to do things a little but different!


      Instead of me blogging/posting about my pretties I'm going to change it up. I'm going to blog/post about music that I LOVE .

      Soooo.....I have't figured out how to post YouTube clips on here (I know, I'm sorry!). I'll instead be posting the bands and clips that I'm loviing on my Facebook page. I'll be posting a different band for each day for this next week.

      What's that you say? You've never been to my Facebook page?

      Well here it is, just for you (click on the icon please):

      Pretty tuned!

      Saturday, August 6, 2011

      Bloggy Mc Blog!


      Are you having a great day, lazy or frantic day?! Which ever day you may be having thank you for checking out my blog!

      A dear friend of mine Mlle. S blogged about my pretties and me yesterday. Check out her blog and stalk it regularly.

      Stay fabulous and warm pretties!